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John Rutter - A Ukrainian Prayer

In March 2022, John Rutter wrote: "How can a composer respond to a global tragedy? By writing music is the most obvious thing. Like everybody, I’ve been shocked and dismayed by the events of recent days, and the first thing I wanted to do was write some music that would respond in my own way.

I went to a late night service in my old college chapel, where they sang a setting of a lovely Ukrainian prayer. So, having encountered the text in another musical setting on Wednesday night, on Thursday, I wrote my own music. I hope the meaning of the text will resonate in people’s hearts."

Concert Tickets

Tickets for The Armed Man concert are priced £12.50 but free to children of school age.

Please write to:

Anthony Finn, Pear Trees, Bell Lane, Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, OX10 0QD enclosing a cheque payable to Cranford Choral Society (the bank name will change in the future). Please enclose a stamped addressed envelope as well. Thank you.

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