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South Oxfordshire Choir are proud supporters of Soundabout, our chosen charity. Here is some information about the important work that Soundabout does.

About Soundabout

We believe people with learning disabilities should have an interactive musical life that enhances their lives and education.

Soundabout is a charity that uses music to empower and unlock the potential of people with severe and profound learning disabilities. Our multi-sensory music-making techniques help to stimulate communication, learning and self-expression, enabling people who may be unable to hold an instrument or speak to make their own unique contribution.


Building Communities Without Barriers


We want to create and maintain an open and accessible community where someone profoundly disabled can feel relaxed, safe, and enjoy themselves. We want to empower everyone to use their voice and create their own rhythm. Our music sessions bring children and adults with various and complex learning disabilities together alongside their families and carers to take part in music-making, from our inclusive and virtual choir to our workshops.

Music is just the start; we want to help develop a sense of belonging and confidence for people to take through life, as we all deserve to live in a community without barriers.


At Soundabout, we believe that everybody deserves to have a voice


Rather than focusing on what people can’t do, we want to emphasise what they can do. We believe that people with severe and profound learning disabilities including autism should have a life full of expression, passion and enjoyment. To enable this to happen we aim to educate, support and empower all those in our community. That’s why we use sound to enable people with learning disabilities to express themselves, connect with others, and feel the warmth of music.

Visit Soundabout at

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